DC Property Partners specialise in solving landlords’ problems

We would love to work with and for landlords and property investors who want to keep their income-generating properties but don’t want the headaches that come with letting, maintaining and managing it. Perhaps you are a landlord who lives outside the UK, are a reluctant landlord who might have inherited your property or you are tired, stressed and want an easier life continuing to get your rental income but without all the other hassles that comes with it.

We offer all of the following services and to help solve various landlord issues:

  • Property refurbishments by our own dedicated unique female team of tradespeople
  • Property management
  • Rent2Rent

Guaranteed Rent Agreements

  • We are looking for 4+ plus bedroom houses in London and Surrey.
  • We offer Guaranteed Rent with no voids for 3 -5 years with one single contract between you, the landlord, and us.
  • Deal with us, one professional company, instead of 5-6 individual tenants.
  • We’ll make sure the property is filled with considerate young professionals who care about their new home.
  • We organise and pay all house bills. Never worry about utility bills again!
  • Don’t worry about maintenance. We carry out most work such as painting and small repairs at our own expense. If major work needs to be done we liaise with you to arrange it.